Emo Stuff

crysemo_002.jpgFollowing your many requests, Hart has been slaving over some gorgeous emo make ups for Crys. I love the results, especially the messy eyes… you never looked this gorgeous before, after crying your eyes out.  He also made some deep red lips that match so well with this dark emo look, as well as fair lips, that just have a touch of gloss. Further the emo make ups are available on the dark lips that you know already from Linda. 

crysemo_006.jpgThe deep eyes have a more gothic look, although they can be extremely dramatic in a grand formal look as well… or totally badass if you team this skin to an grungy urban look. With these eyes, I prefer the fair lips, which makes it quite understated. Ooooh.. before I forget… yes.. Hart is working on more skintones too… a sneak peek of the fair skin tone is on Flickr already, and a sunkissed and tan are in the making too. 

❤ Sun

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