Update Time: Linda

If you have been in the shop recently you will have noticed that almost all skins were gone, except for Adam (poor bloke, all by his lonesome self). Well, with the introduction of Crys, Hart made such a big leap in the quality of his skins, that we decided that it was time for a big update. So out all the old ones, and adding the newness one by one. Linda is back up now, new and improved, with the much craved light version too. So now you have 3 skintones to choose from. Light, Sunkissed and Tan (which is a combination of the former 2 tones GoldTan and RoseTan). Hart also added a dark eye make up, that is deeper than smokey and has a subtle highlight on the upper eyelid to make your look more intense ( I begged him for that, so kudos to Mr. Larsson).


So what is all new in the body… enter the shortlist:
1. New Photoreal pussy  (yeah well… people kept asking for it, although it is Hart’s idea to put it on #1)
2. New hands (do yourself a fave girls, do watch your hands… they are among the best you’ll have seen)
3. New improved back (it looks so souple, no pilates regime can do that for you.. uhmm guess that makes it hyper real, but looks awesome)
4. New improved butt (ahh.. the butt…. don’t tell me it is all about the cute face.. I know you like Linda for her cute behind as well)
5. New body light effects (improved highlights, they are more subtle, and they give the skin a soft natural glow)
6. New feet (traditional pain in the butt for every skinner, Hart managed to make me want to wear sandals again with these footsies)
7. New nails light effect (remember the french manicure on Crys? All Pxl skins will have it after the update, and he even managed to improve it)
8. Completely retexturized body more balanced and soft (yessss.. maybe my favourite part of the update… the softer texture makes that the skin and your shape will work together better to create your unique look. No PXL clones. These skins don’t override your shape but will enhance it)
9. Other little fixes (like a little less porosity in the skin/face. Women work hard in RL to make their skins as smooth looking as possible, so why would we want visible pores on our T-zone in SL? The subtle and natural shine that every well moisturized skin has is still there though).

OK, more updates to follow. Crys is in process, we have discussed Cloe and she will probably ber rejuvenated as well, and ofcourse we have Michael, a new male skin, in the pipeline that will be ready somewhere in March

❤ Sun

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