New and Improved Adam…. Hotter Than Ever

Following the succesful update of Linda, Adam is next. Over the last few days Hart has been working on translating the improvements on the female skins to the, already, hot male Adam. It’s in the shop now in 3 skintones.

Adam Medium V6

Part of the update is behind the scenes work. Hart had to reorganise texture layers, because his computer was becoming a total mess. If we plan on expanding the skin ranges, he needs to be better organised to find things back and such. But over all, the hands and feet are new, the over all body texture is smoother, some old flaws, minor seams issues were solved and OMG.. don’t you just want to touch those abs?

A couple of comments from Hart’s Flickr stream for your entertainment:

Dafne:  “think its the time to have a male alt :P. Too bad for the “Dafne Watanabe” tag floating on my head!”

Pilgrim: “I saw the skin yesterday and have to say: the abs are the yummiest thing since the rezgods created sculpties!!!!  It’s kinda hard…when you have friends…wearing that skin…and…they are just friends…know what I mean? o.O ”

Jonny: ” Yes I love this skin. So proud to have it :)”

Pier: “OMG Dont show my skin YET! :p”

You guys ROCK… thank you for being such loyal customers and for all your feed back in the development process.

❤ Sun

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