Updates and Stuff

So when Hart told me that he was about to do some updates on the skins, I could not forsee that he meant basically redoing ALL his skins, adding new make-ups, getting rid of previous flaws and implementing improvements, restyling the vendors  AND redoing the shop. But he actually did mean just that.

linda_passion_darkeyes.jpgIn the meantime, Linda has been redone, and looks fabulous if I may say so. Adam is back in business too. By the end of this week Crys should be finished and ready for re-release as well, and we have decided to give Cloe the same treatment as the other ladies, a full update on face and body and hopefully she will be ready later this month. Chandra and Diva have been retired, they just didn’t match the current quality standards anymore.

Oh and then we have Michael… Michael is a work in progress, not yet ready for release. The second male skin at PXL creations will have a more mature look. A couple of weeks ago Hart posted a preview to his Flickr for feed back. You are still more than welcome to share your thoughts about Michael with us.

renovations.jpgEnding with a view of the re-decorated shop. We have chosen dark walls and a light floor and ceiling, with satinized steel accents. It makes the skins in the vendors look better I think. On the walls there is some art of friends and customers and upstairs you will find the lovely designs of Euterpe Zagoskin.

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