Update Time: Crys is Back In Town

2209659924_3c60d622a9_o.jpgNext in Hart’s mega update frenzy is Crys. Although she’s PXL’s latest addition to the skin collection, we felt it would be unfair to exclude her from the update. For all the new features, and improvements, please check the post on Linda. So she’s back in the shop, go see for yourself

New skintones are in the making for Crys as well… for now she’s back in light. Sunkissed and Fair will be added shortly. Somehow we are reluctant to add Tan for Crys as she seems just to look better in the lighter complexions. However, being modifiable, you will always be able to make her a litle bit darker, should you be so inclined.

OK.. so what is still on the update shelf? Well, there is Crys sunkissed & Crys fair, body hair for Adam, and Cloe.. hmm.. we’re still discussing Cloe… I am still a fan of updating her, but Hart has a fresh idea for a skin that might replace Cloe’s sophisticated looks so if you have an opinion on her, by all means, leave a comment.

Well, that’s it for now. See you next round and in the meanwhile… just be nice to eachother ok?

❤ Sun

One thought on “Update Time: Crys is Back In Town

  1. […] week when Crys was put back up and I told you about our discussion (read: fight) over Cloe? (Read here about it) Well.. thank you all who stalked Hart asking for Cloe being updated… he gave […]

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