PXL Photography

A couple of weeks ago we have started a new Flickr pool, PXLphotography, for our PXL skin and photography aficionados  to just blatantly show off their skins and skills. By now we are over 70 members and we have more than 275 photos on the stream, some of which are truly remarkable.

Every now and then I’d like to share some with you that are among my personal preferences, so no value or rating to them… other than me liking them, a lot.


What can I say… the pose, the light, those wings… a broken angel. I love it. For more of Voshie’s photos, take a look at her stream.


Triangle is just so adorably cute with that pouty mouth and light eyes. Find her photos here, and her other creations at Ghost.

PXL Photography on Flickr

Amazing capture from Rafaello Robbiani. It seems the model is not even aware of the photo being taken, looking pure and fragile. More of Rafello’s work here.

I could go on.. and on… and on… but oh well.. guess I will post some more pretty soon.

❤ Sun

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