More PXL Photography

Hi there! I was scrolling our Flickr stream again and I thought it was time for another round of sharing the goodness.

First there is hard core PXL fan Dafne Watanabe who has a gorgeous avie, and who as some stunning photo’s on her stream. I love the close up, It’s the new eye dark eye make up, with the little highlight on the eyelid, so it stays fashionable.

More PXL Photography

Next, the incredible talented creator of La Rêve, Lash Xevious. She looks just so pretty in Linda. Her description:

This reminds me of the scene in Mr. & Mrs. Smith when he pushes her up against a mirror and her head cracks the glass. It was Angelina, so it was kinda hot, she still looked fierce. Yeah. I dunno. I’m weird.

Hmmm, maybe… but it is an awesome photo anyway.

More PXL Photography

Last pick of this round is a stunning photo by Iceykara. It’s all about legs… gorgeous legs that is… oh and about Linda ofcourse, because she’s wearing our skin. More of her pretty photowork here

More PXL Photography

Happy Easter everyone

❤ Sun

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