Who’s That Girl?

This is a work in progress. Isn’t she lovely? OK… I’ll let you in on it, it is the first beta of the update of Cloe. Make-upless, the face -already with the new brows, the more refined lip texture, and the enhanced shading that makes her over all more soft and girly- gives a pretty good idea of how awesome she will be once she’s ready. The body still needs all the work and I really have no idea of the timeline. After all, last time Hart and I discussed the projects, Linda Fair and Linda Dark would come before the update of Cloe… but when Hart dropped this on me by surprise, well… I guess I just had to share it with you… Hart is probably going to throw things at me for doing this… but it would be a shame holding this back.

PS… forgot to mention… did you see the red brows on this beta? yep… black brows, brown brows, and now reds too!

8 thoughts on “Who’s That Girl?

  1. steffanihawker says:

    wonderful new skin! I like the eyebrow color option! will you, this time, have a shaved option???

  2. dorradebs says:

    Yea!Red brows!

    Very cute 🙂

  3. Sunrae says:

    *chuckles* Steffani… start bugging the maestro as soon as he is posting new Cloe in his flickr stream. I can’t promise anything, but we have een discussing customer feedback at length for the other updates, and we try to please as many as possible.

  4. pxlcreations says:

    well i try to make my best 😛

  5. Sunrae says:

    ROFL @ Ryker… Chandra is not in our update projects I’m afraid… sometimes it is just time to move on. When the updates for Linda, Crys (additional skintones)and Cloe (general update and new skitones) are finished, we will start working on a brand new skin. Recently we have been going over tons of faces and will be narrowing down in the time to come. However… we’re talking late spring, early summer before anything will be ready to show.

  6. Ryker Beck says:

    HART!!! I’m gonna beat you up.

  7. Sunrae says:

    Ryker… be gentle with our creative force… if you beat him too hard… it only will take longer!!!!

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