PXL Photography

Yes, it’s that time again. I have found a moment to sit down and scroll though the entries on our PXL Photography pool on Flickr, and there is much going on there

One of my all time fave photo’s in the stream is this one:

PXL Photography

Cyn is one of our hard core contributors, and her work does really have an identity of it’s own. I can immediately see when she has submited newness to the pool. Thank you Cyn! You just keep surprising me with your art. More of Cyn’s work can be found here

This photo by Cleo Carbetta has been picked to be on display in ETD.  YAY! Congratulations Cleo. Cleo is one of the SL shopping addicts who keeps a very nice blog on her findings, ad her flickr stream reflects that. Cute photography!

PXL Photography

Last one in this round is this sizzling  and sparkling photo by Melodious Source. She has made some of the hottest photos I’ve ever seen, with a delicious touch of humor, and she’s a total PXL skin addict… what more can we wish for… Do check Melodious’ stream… it is so worth it.

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2 thoughts on “PXL Photography

  1. CynU. says:


    Fannnks a lot Hart! 😀

  2. Sunrae says:

    Our pleasure Cyn.. I love scrolling through the photos and see what you all come up with. And your work really is awesome!

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