PXL Photography

Tme for a new round of sharing photos from our PXL Creations Photography group on Flickr.

PXL Photography

Kucinta was one of the first to join the group and has made some remarkable photos. This one just struck me… colour, composition and avatar shape, it’s all good! Lovely tattoo btw. More of Kucinta’s work you’ll find here

PXL PHotography

Zoe Demar made this amazing photo. I love it. It is such a clean shot. No fuzzy blurry glammy halo things… just the model, a great composition .. and lovely butterflies. Zoe has more on her stream, it’s worth taking a look.

PXL Photography

Last pick this time is by Gabrielle Sinatra. It’s called guilty pleasures… well, it sure looks like it’s been a rough ride. Gabrielle has a pretty impressive stream that I loved spending some time scrolling.

Thanks to all of you who just keep feeding the pool. There are so many amazing photos on it by now that picking gets harder and harder, but please don’t stop.. I love it!



2 thoughts on “PXL Photography

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  2. Gabrielle says:

    Thanks a lot mister 😉

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