Coming Soon: Linda Dark

With the uploading of the Linda Dark skins… the Linda skin range is about to be complete.

Linda now will be available in 5 skintones: fair, light, sunkissed, fashion tan and dark. As you are used to at PXL Creations, all skintones are modifiable to meet your individual skintone wishes. Also Linda Dark has some different make ups as well, instead of the usual eye/lip combinations. It is an experiment that, if well received, we will expand in our skins to come.

If you are a fashion blogger and you would like the chance to (p)review the completed Linda skin range before we release Linda Dark, please send me -Sunrae Moonbeam- a notecard before Thursday 9 pm SLT with in the subject line: PXL Linda (p)review [full avatar name] [full blogname] and please, include your blog’s URL in the notecard as well. We’ll be happy to send you a selection before we make the release of Linda Dark next Monday. 



3 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Linda Dark

  1. angiecortes says:

    Wow! Magnetic appeal..<3 it!

  2. Sunrae says:

    Thanks Angie!

  3. AnaLu says:

    wow! Linda looks amazing…

    (Oops, I am a blogger and never tried PXL skins. Guess I am too late…)

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