Coverage: Linda


When we asked the bloggers out there if they would be interested in (p)reviewing our Linda skin, and especially -since it will be released on Monday- the dark skintone, I honestly did not expect this much coverage.

A huge thank you for all your efforts, stunning photos, priceless feedback and kind words.

NB: As a result of  a small mistake during labelling the skins, most of the bloggers refer to Linda Gold as a skintone. I would like to correct that. The skintone is SUNKISSED. Gold refers to the lips, and you wil find gold lips on all skintones.

Sasy, over at Scarborough Flair, wrote one of her massive and thourough reviews that I always love to read, and asked friend and fellow blogger Efemera Bisiani to join her. Thank you so much, both of you!

Kyoot Littlething (gotta love that name) of Virtually Vogue, which is a relatively new blog, also requested some copies and did a lovely review. You should get yourself on the fashion feed Kyoot and have yourself read more!

Gillian -dunno-how-she-does-it-but-looks-good-in-EVERY-skin- Waldman of Deux Looks made me drop my jaw and turn green with envy when I saw her in Linda Dark. It’s just not fair that someone looks this hot in my skin. Just kidding Gillian… you are lovely.

Ana Lutetia, i’m always slightly jealous of her that she can blog so much, and still have time for other things, took the time to make some photo’s of Linda, pairing her with a gorgeous bathing suit. Thank you Ana, lovely as always.

Sai Pennell, Fashion Labyrinth writer, who I always associate with the cute button nose of Gala’s skins and the gorgeous elven ears, looks adorable in our skin. It is so gratifying when someone tries out your product and is so enthusiast about it that they want to use it more often. Thank you Sai, also for your valuable feed back.


And then there is Elysium Eilde, at Photographing SL, who dedicated not one, but TWO posts to Linda, and with such gorgeous photos as well. She allowed me to use some of her photos for this post. Thank you for that Elysium. Most people keep skin photos quite unedited… but these reviews have a more artistical touch, the photots have been edited and it proves what I have always thought: Linda renders fantastic on photos.

I don’t have an exact time for the release of Linda Dark on Monday, however we will send out a notice to our update group as soon as we’re done.

2 thoughts on “Coverage: Linda

  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to trial such marvellous skins! I had such a wonderful time trying them on, and now that I’ve managed to tweak my eyebrow settings I’m even happier in them (if that’s possible)!! Amazing work!

  2. It was a privilege to do so 🙂 and so much fun having Efe with me to do it, Linda and all the skins at PXL are just divine. Keep up the fab work

    xox Sasy xox

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