Photo Contest: Create Our New Ad!

PXL Creations is running a contest for a new ad for our skins. Get creative and surprise us.


  • All submissions must feature currently released PXL skins exclusively (no other skin brands). Do not include logos and text on your work. If your work is our winner, we will add that.

  • Nudity is allowed, porn is not;

  • Entries must be submitted prior to June 30 12 PM SLT;

  • It is ok to photoshop your work, but since it is about the skins, please do not mod or touch the skin too much;

  • 1 submission per person;

  • Send your full perm 512×512 texture in world to Sunrae Moonbeam AND your high resolution .jpg to Name your work: PXL AD CONTEST [full avatar name];

  • You may only submit work that you are the legitimate creator of.

  • Entries that are not complete, ore otherwise not compliant with the rules of the contest, will be disqualified without further notice.

By submitting your work, you will give permission to PXL Creations to use your foto freely. However, we will always credit you, the photographer, when we should decide to use your work.


  • 1st place: L$ 8.000
  • 2nd place: L$ 4.000
  • 3rd place: L$ 2.000

The entries will be on exhibit in the PXL Creations shop. The winning photo will be used for future advertising in SL magazines and such. We will also produce an in world book with the winning photos and honorable mentions.

The PXL Team will be judging the submissions on general photographic quality and on how well the work matches with the style of PXL Creations.

The results will be published by July 15.

4 thoughts on “Photo Contest: Create Our New Ad!

  1. aibaroque says:

    uahuahuahuaha, ora ti linko al mio blog :3

  2. pxlcreations says:

    thanks 🙂

  3. […] can still submit your work til june 30 12 pm slt. Check here for the rules and the […]

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