PXL AD contest finalists

Finally, after a long time (it was so difficult to choose!) we have reach a final contest result.
As posted in the image above we have four winners, yes we have chosen four winners because the quality of all the works is so great!!
But we needed to choose, anyway.

Zoe Demar
Anessa Stine
Voshie Paine & Raffaello Robbiani

In our opinion their pics are outstanding in composition, light, colors and the perfect show they do of our skins.
Especially Zoe’s one, with the perfect texture, the clean lines and the essential composition represents wonderfully the mood we were searching for our ad.

A special mention also goes to Lollie capalini and Roosevelt Dagger for the originality and interpretation of the contest. They win a free skin from our collection.

We want also to say a giant thank you to all wonderful people that have joined the contest because they made such an amazing and unique work!
We loved their pics and we hope to see all again in the next one.

Hart Larsson

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