Coverage: Crys

* Photo by Elysium Eilde

On 25th July, we have released the Sunkissed tone of Crys Line.

Many bloggers have requested our (p)review pack to test the Crys line, and we are so happy to read the many reviews and feedbacks we had.

For this reason i’ve decided to list all the reviews in one post, here the list in random order:

Ana Lutetia

Scarborough Flair


Photographing SL

German SL Style

Dirty Ego

Vain Inc.

Mayne Line Fashion


Malicious Style



Ty to all 🙂


p.s.: if you did a review of our skin and don’t find yourself listed here send a mail or feel free to write it in the comments and we’ll add your link.

5 thoughts on “Coverage: Crys

  1. Gidge Uriza says:

    I’ll be continuing to review them more, I’ve got at least two more shot and queued up.
    These skins are delicious…….TY for the opportunity to review them. What a delight!

  2. […] converted… again. PXL Creation’s (SLURL) new Crys Sunkissed skin has officially stolen my heart… A little shape tweaking here and there, and dayum… […]

  3. Ryker Beck says:

    Dammit, Hart.. you’ve fully converted me this time. >.<

    There goes my bank account.
    *love* ❤

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