Next Linda Makeups

Lay your eyes on the new Linda, coming soon an exclusive set of make-up options for all tones of the Linda skin. Beautiful Eye Options combined with glossier lips, more defined cheeks and more ways to customize the PXL look you love.

Release expected asap, watch the blog for updates!


8 thoughts on “Next Linda Makeups

  1. Reb says:

    Pretty pretty! Dramatic and so you Hart. Nice work as always. ❤

  2. Cincia Singh says:

    meh, more options for brunettes. But no blonde or red eyebrows?

  3. pxlcreations says:

    Hi Cincia, every LInda skins come in two eyebrows options: Black and Brown. I’ve posted only Black eyebrows for showing the makeup sorry

  4. Cincia Singh says:

    Thanks hart .. you do really nice work, but brown and black eyebrows are not options for red heads and blondes. I’m blonde. I look forward to your releases and know someday you’ll do blonde and red eyebrows.

  5. These look really lovely Hart, can’t wait to try them out. Yay for colourful and dramatic make-ups. 🙂

  6. pxlcreations says:

    Cincia have u rtyed the brown eyebrows? Are very light and i think can be used also by blondes 😛

    For red well u are right 🙂 i will ry to make soemthing to make red girlz happy 🙂

  7. Newdoll says:

    they look luffly Hart, can’t wait for more PXL yumminess 😀

  8. Lucas Lameth says:

    I really love these makeups! 🙂 I cant wait till you put them out.

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