Heart of Love

When Annah Whitfield (AnnaH Couture), Annyka Bekkers (Blowpop), Dove Swanson (LAP) and Flutter Memel (Flowey) called out to the community to help their friend Shir Dryke (Ornamental Life),  who is in desperate need of medical treatment and can’t make the last bit of funds needed on her own in time, it was heart warming how many people on Plurk immediately offered their help.

You can read about Shir’s condition on her blog, where she has links to Flutter’s blog and SLUniverse for more information. Heart decided to participate in the fundraiser with a limited (in time) edition of Linda.

Linda for Charity has a new make up, with deep, dramatic eyes and luscious wine lips. Also, and this almost got me drooling, there is a freckled version in the folder. Full body freckles that is. Not only on your face, or face and cleavage, but her lovely feminine body is all covered with them. So what is the deal?  For 2000 L$, of which 70% will go directly to Heart of Love you get 6 skins. Linda Light Tan, with deep eyes and wine lips in 6 versions. Black brows, Brown brows (also suitable for most red heads) and blonde brows, and that in a plain and in a freckled version.

So come over to the shop and get this gorgeous special skin that will disappear in 3 weeks, since that is the deadline for Shir’s treatment. Or just drop a couple of L$ in the donation kiosk that you will find next to the Linda for Charity vendor. Every L$ counts towards giving a fellow resident  a chance to live.

Thank you, ❤ Sunrae


4 thoughts on “Heart of Love

  1. Cincia Singh says:

    Zomg! you did colored eyebrows! Yay! As soon as i get home from RL work I’ll come buy a copy and help Shir! Thanks Hart!

  2. pxlcreations says:

    hi Cincia, all Linda Skins have 3 eyebrows color 🙂

  3. pxlcreations says:

    We have reached now the needed Ammount! i’m so happy!

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