She looked out over the Nile, the kingdom at her feet. With her beloved husband, the powerful faraoh Akhenaten, Nefertiti had changed the Egyptian society, discarding the old gods, and installing the state religion of Aten, much to the objection of those foolish  bigot priests. She chuckled, thinking of the lame protests that were voiced during the transition. They had left the old capital of Thebes, and now resided in the splendid Amarna, the new center of their universe. She looked out over the Nile, the bearer of life for their country, papyrus softly billowing in the early light. She took a sip of her morning beer as the sun, Aten, rose  and smiled condescendingly at the girl playing a melodious tune on a flute. It’s good to be the Queen…..

Efe preview

Efe will be a small release in February, for Rezzable’s ancient Egypt inspired Digital Alchemy event. Her face is unique. Regal, like Nefertiti, with slightly elongated traits like we know from Egyptian sculptures from the period of Nefertiti’s and Akhenaten’s reign. She will be available in a few selected make ups and comes in one skintone only.

Dress by Nardya, shape by Grazia


One thought on “Efe

  1. Voshie says:

    I love them Hart and I’m sure many others will too ❤ I love the background you put with this too 🙂

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