What next for Grace?

I’ve developed for the Gace Skin line 3 tones: Natural, SunKissed and FashionTan.

I would like to make another tone but i need your opinions to choose what to develope or if you have other suggestion leave a comment to this post.

Good Weekend



5 thoughts on “What next for Grace?

  1. syddsinister says:

    i would love a darker tone.

  2. Perhaps a naturally darker tone (as opposed to a tan) along the lines of a Middle Eastern or Indian skin tone might suit her. Or an olive tone for a Mediterranean look.

  3. Terry Toland says:

    *Chirps in for the umpteenth time* Efe’s hair option for pale gals.

    *ducks out before she gets shot* 😛

  4. Catero says:

    Why not both, Hart? I am sure there are compelling arguments for creating both.

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