[PXL] Adam Summer Gift

Hi friends,

This is the time for a Male Gift ( I know that many asked me to do that before lol).

I’ve made a special skin gift based on the Adam skin with nice facial features.
The gift box will contain:  a wife beater shirt, a pose, the razor and 2 special limited skins 🙂

The gift Panel will be under the stairs in my store.  You will need to subscribe to my group and to put my store in your picks in order to get the gift.
Be aware that:

  1. Subscribing to my group not cost any Linden Lab(tm) classical group slot
  2. If you add my store to your picks now, you need to wait a 24-48 hr period to allow your web profile to be updated.  This is not my fault, it is a delay on the LL web profile refresh system, so be patient.
  3. This is a Free limited time Gift

The tatoo and the base Shirt are made by my friend Nardya
Photo: By Me

Blog Coverage:


[Teleport to PXL store ]


6 thoughts on “[PXL] Adam Summer Gift

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  2. Thanks so much for adding my site on yours.I did the same thing and i will keep your link there to ppl see everything you have new or as a gift, if you aren’t agree with this please tell me and i will took. Thanks again. Hugsss!:)

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