[PXL] Kim released now…

[update] We forgot to mention that as of now, all female skins will be priced at L$ 1000, — . This includes Kim!!!  You’ll also find excellent deals on our various fatpacks.

I’ve just released the new skin line Kim.

The skin line is composed by 4 skin tones: Natural, SunKissed, LightTan and Tan.

While the natural tone comes with 4 eyebrows colors (red, blonde, brown and black) the other 3 tones have 3 eyebrows combination (blonde/lightBrown, Brown and Black).

Each skins has bald and painted hair option plus a cute hair addon that can be used to complete the painted hair version.

The Tan tone has instead of the blonde hair a razored version with light brown eyebrows option.

The skins comes without pubic hair but with 3 pubic hair layers option in all colours that mathing the hair/eyebrows color.

These are the vendor preview panels:

Every tone has 32 base makeups (4 eyes makeup * 8 lips colors) for a total of 128 combination for the Natural tone or 96 for the sunkissed, LightTan and Tan.

This is a preview of the makeup table:

Kim is the 5th generation of PXL skins, i’ve worked over it for 4 month and rebuild all the body texture to improve more and more the result.

I really hope you will enjoy and like Kim 🙂

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