[ PXL ] Luthien released…

I am pleased to announce the introduction of a new fantasy elf skin ‘Luthien’.  Luthien comes with five different makeup options and with each skin purchase you will receive both a tattooed version and a plain version of the skin.

Also, come check out the new custom fatpack option for our skins.  Now you can select a variety of skins of your choice and receive a 20% discount off regular prices!

❤ Hart

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Photo: Dafne Watanabe
Dress: Dragon Arts by Bare Rose

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4 thoughts on “[ PXL ] Luthien released…

  1. Tayasha Tammas says:

    Oh I like the outfit! Can I ask where’s that from? :O

  2. Dafne Watanabe says:

    It is Dragon Arts from Barerose, they give you 4 colors in the pack 🙂

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