[ PXL ] July

PXL Creations skins are known for classical beauty and elegance. July is the newest generation in that tradition of sophisticated beauty and sensual elegance. Natural highlights and shadows that outline her feminine shape, revealing a soft, tender skin that is invites the touch. Careful attention to tone and color brings natural skin tones for every taste. Every element from the makeup to the eyebrow colors are modulated to match the skin tone, so that the rose lipstick on the natural tone is not identitical to the rose lipstick on the dark tone, but instead is calibrated to complement the skin color perfectly. Lovely imperfections such as small moles on the back and belly add to the realism and beauty of the skin.  The delicate shading of the eyes allows you to look great even without false lashes.

The skins comes in 5 tones.
8 Lips color
5 Eye Makeups
Freckles option
3 Eyebrows color (Light, Medium, Dark)
2 Clavage Options

The skin will be available in 3 tones tomorrow at Skin Fair [ Tp to Skin Fair ]
And at my store [ Teleport to PXL store ]

The skins will use my new vendor system that allow to create your custom FatPack and receive a discount of 20% on purchase.

❤ Hart

Blog Coverage:

Photo: Dafne Watanabe
Necklace: Donna Flora

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