[PXL] Winter Photography Contest

All contests are themed with prizes courtesy of PXL Creations. Contest winners will have their photos displayed in the PXL Creations mainstore. This month’s theme is Christmas in July. Models must wear July skin in a holiday or winter setting.

1st Prize : 1 exclusive custom skin makeup (1 tone from the july line) + 5000L$
2nd Prize: 2000L$ + custom fatpack (5 makeups) from july line
3rd Prize : 1000L$ + custom fatpack (3 skins) from july line

You can submit online on flickr at:

• All photos must feature PXL Creations July skin ONLY.
• Nude photos are permitted, but no explicit sexual activity or pornographic photos.
• Post-processing is permitted.
• Tag the photo PXL Creations
• New Photos only. They must be uploaded within the time period and not submitted to earlier PXL Photo Contests.
• People entering photos with composite backgrounds from other photos must have rights/permission and/or include credit for the background photos.

• Include your avatar name so that you can be contacted in-world.
• You can submit up to three entries per contest. If you have already submitted three and want to add another, simply remove one you submitted earlier.
• Submissions must be made by the photographer and submitter must have all rights for the photo.
• Judging will be done by Hart Larsson and two other judges who are not competing in the contest.
• You agree to provide a full-perm photo for display in the store upon request.
• Please read the current contest them carefully so your submission fits the theme.  The current contest is Christmas in July and requires using the July skin in a winter or holiday setting.
• All entries must be submitted to Flickr by Midnight SLT on December 20th.

For more informations please visit my store and click the contest flyer.

Good luck!
❤ Hart

PXL Store LandMark:[ Teleport to PXL store ]
PXL Blog : https://pxlcreations.wordpress.com
PXL on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pxlcreations/

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3 thoughts on “[PXL] Winter Photography Contest

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