[PXL] Winter Queen Skin Gift

Today i’ve released a free limited edition Skin base on July Skin line for XMass.

You will need to subscribe to my group and to put my NEW store location in your picks in order to get the gift.

Be aware that:

  1. Subscribing to my group not cost any Linden Lab(tm) classical group slot
  2. If you add my store to your picks now or update the old Pick location, you need to wait a 24-48 hr period to allow your web profile to be updated.   It takes 24-48 hours for the LL web profile system to be refreshed, so please be patient.
  3. This is a Free limited time Gift (10 days)

[ Teleport to PXL ]

❤ Hart

ps: don’t forget the winter photo contest: Click for more info

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