[PXL] SmartResizer for designers


The purpose of this script is to allow creators to be able to sell NoMod Prim Based products which can however be easily resized by customers using an easy menu driven script.

This Tool does not need a child script in every prim of the linkset as it uses a new smart feature to allow the resizing to be done via a one root script (the SmartResizer provided).

The script is very light (consuming only 0.006-0.008 milliseconds during the resizing process) and therefore does not cause a lot of lag.
You can use the script in your prim based products so that they can be sold NoMOD but can allow your customers to resize them freely.

The script is very simple, user friendly and not need any configuration.

/// Smartresizer Features Summary

– Allows prims to be downsized and upsized using a menu.
– Features an Undo Option to return the product to the rezzed size.
– Features an option to allow the product to return to the size that was originally bought.
– Includes a remove script feature to fix the size.
– Minimum and Maximum resize limits protection
– Script Permission Checking
– This script is Copy / NoMod / Transfer

Available Now in my Script Store [ Teleport to PXL ]

PXL Xstreet store: [ Click Here ]

Hart Larsson
PXL Creations

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2 thoughts on “[PXL] SmartResizer for designers

  1. A very useful, simple and easy to use script, it does exactly what it says…….and no more rez, modify, set scripts running, take to inventory and re-rez.

    The way scripts should be 🙂

    Thanks Hart, keep up the good work!

  2. pxlcreations says:

    Ty Damen for the testing and nice comment 🙂

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