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The MVLP (Multi Vendor Low Prim) tool is an innovative vendor system for selling your products. This product was specifically developed for skin and hair designers that usually use large quantities of prims in their vendors to show their customers the many makeup and hair options that they have to offer.  This tool allows you to reduce the number of prims that you use in your vendors by more than 70%!  This versatile product also allows you to customize group discounts, allow send gift and to offer custom fatpacks.

A hair designer for example, that wants to sell 8 color packs, a fatpack and a demo with a product preview picture, would normally need to use 10 or 11 prims to build their vendor. Using this tool, you can build a vendor with the same display appearance and functions, using only 3 prims! The more prims you normally use in your displays, the more you can save with the MVLP tool, while maintaining the same look and feel of your current vendors adding also new customers features.


The MVLP tool is sold with several scripts that you can configure to develop a vendor that meets your specific needs. It uses the latest 1.2x Viewer features to create a Product Panel Grid that can be clicked by your customers to bring up a preview of their selection in the Pay Area.

The MVLP tool also has the flexibility to allow you to specify an additional feature; the Category.
For a skin designer, the Category specification could be by skin tones.  For hair designers, it could be by color range.  Of course, the Category could also specified by any other special features of a product line.

Basic MVLP prim structure sample
(showed one of my skin vendor 4 prims [ 2 products grids to have better texture loading (512×512))

1. Pay Area
2. Product Preview Panel
3. Products Panel Grid

In order to buy a product, the customer clicks on the product picture shown in the Product Panel Grid (the green panel in the picture).  A larger preview picture then appears in the Pay Area Prim (Red square).  If the customer is happy with his/her selection, she/he can then right-click the Pay Area Prim and pay for the item.

After the item is paid for, the MVLP sends the purchased boxed item.
In case of lag or delivery problems, the customer can simply left-click the Pay Area for Redelivery.

Example of Redelivery list of products purchased

MVLP is campable with the FatPack plugin to create custom Fatp Packs, this is possible by left-clicking the Pay-Panel prim, and choose from the menu FatPack.

In CustomFatPack mode, is possible to add every products (makeups in my case) that you want. When u click the single makeup a popup appear to ask if you want to add it to your FatPack’s cart.

After a product is added, the MVLP will show to the customer the actual content of the Cart.

The minimum number of products in the cart to proceede to checkeout is a parameter configurable on a config notacard by the owner, and also the % of discount is another configurable parameter.
If the customer is satisfied of the selection can click Checkout button and will be able after to pay the pay-Panel.

The custom Fatpack will be sended in a folder with all the products boxed into it direclty to the customer.

If sometimes, cause lag, or SL glitches, or human error, the product or the FatPack folder is not received, the customer can left-click the pay-panel and then in the menu, can choose Redelivery.

In case a customer want to gift a friend, by using the SendAsGift plugin, is possible to enable this feature.

The operations to do that are very simple, and could be made in few seconds by left-clicking the product you want to gift, then left-click the pay-panel and choose from the menu Gift It.
The MVLP system will ask on a special channel (configurable by the owner) the name of the person the customer want to send the gift.
After is received the name, the MVLP system will check if that name is available and correct and if is found, will show a special Menu like that:

If the customer click the button Purchase, the MVLP system will ask to pay the pay area, and then the product will be send to the destination avatar previous selected.
In case the destination avatar is capped or will not receive the Gift, the destination avatar could come to the vendor and use the redelivery function to receive for free the gift again.

All the information are provided by easy menu and by full instructions in every phase of the purchasing in local chat to the customer and to the gifted person (instructions how to redelivery).

The MVLP system keep all transaction in CSV style and will be sent on the owner email every 30 transactions or with a scheduler plugin, automatically every day.

The Owner have a special menu accessible by clicking the Product preview panel (nr.2 green)

All Owner functions are epxlained in the manual.

The scripts in the MVLP tool are very flexible and can configured to create a vendor with the design and the result that you need, the only limit is your creativity.

All the Owner/creator instruction to setup the system are provided in a clear and complete manual, present in the MVLP basic tool.

BASIC Features Summary

– Group Discount %
– Credit Card checking on profile (you can allow to buy only who have CC in the profile)
– Multi-Category
– Transaction History sended on email (every 30 transaction history)
– Low Lag with standbye function when not used (about 0.015 seconds on land consuming)
– Owner Administration menu (Owner can put ON/OFF, look transaction, reset and other function )
– Split with 1 ore more partners (share your business with more partners)

EXTRA PLUGINS Summary (optionals)

– Redelivery Plugin
– Send As Gift plugin
– Scheduler plugin to receive daily all the vendor transaction history
– Custom Fatpack Plugin (customizable % discount and minimum quantity of goods for single fatpack)

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Hart Larsson
PXL Creations

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