[PXL] SmartTexture for Designers


Thank you for your interest on SmartTexture tool.

The purpose of this script is to allow creators to be able to sell products with a retexture/resizer HUD.
Is developed for Jewelry, or any kind of prim attachments but can work also for Fornitures.
The scripts are very low-Lag and are present only 2 script per product plus 2 script only in the HUD.

/// SmartTexture Features Summary

– Allows prims to be retextured using a Self-Made HUD
– Easy HUD setup and customization
– Only one script in the HUD + a config script
– Only one script in your product to be texturized + a config script
– Multi prim texturization
– Able to texturize multi attachments at the same time
– Able to texturize rezzed prims
– Single or multiple prim’s face texturization
– Configure  products only after activating them by touching (lowlag)
– Scripts Permission Checking
– Integrate Resizer with Min and Max size protection
– All Scripts are Copy / NoMod / Transfer

/// Texturization Options

# One button HUD texturize many prims with same texture
# One button HUD texturize many prims with different texture each one
# One button HUD texturize one prim with one texture
# Creation of Multy texture/ multy prim scheme with only One HUD button

/// Revision History

v 1.9 (03 oct. 2010)
– Code improvement

v 1.8 (12 sept 2010)
– added hide/unHide feature

v 1.7 (12 sept 2010)
– code improvement
– Notecard button feature added
– Manual updated

v 1.6 (7 sept 2010)
– Added the feature to disable the Owner message on startup
(HUD and product become silents during startup)

v 1.4 (19 august 2010)
– Improved security
– Added Resizer feature
– Code optimization

V1.3 (14 August 2010)
– Improved Multi-texturing
– Improved Texture protection
– Improved configuration on scripts instead of notecard
– Improved code

v1.2 (11 August 2010)
– First public release

The script is created for designers to help end-users to customize the final product.
The script must be used in your own creations and MUST NOT be resold or distrubuited itself.

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Hart Larsson
PXL Creations

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2 thoughts on “[PXL] SmartTexture for Designers

  1. Zuza Ritt says:

    Thanks a lot for this great script and for your useful updates, it is very helpful for me.

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