Bloggers/photographers appreciation

After the release of my skin line Dafne, i see many bloggers, photographers and normal people take amazing shots of my skins, so i decided to post here some picture i loved so much.
I think there are many people that are not creators of goods on SL but have great talent to interpretate the mod, the feeling and create amazing snapshots.

This is only a random selection, there are tons of great artist around and i’m sure to show out more on the next days.

Thank you all…

Dafne by cajsa lilliehook

More after the cut…

Dafne by Bells Semyorka

Dafne by Tanaquil Beaumont

Dafne by Dafne Watanabe

Dafne by Leah McCullough

Dafne by nadja.baxter

Dafne by Luna Jubilee

Dafne by Grazia Horwitz

Dafne by Zmilla Rehula

Dafne by Donna Flora

Dafne by Gidge Uriza

Dafne by Donna Flora

Dafne by Freyja Nemeth

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2 thoughts on “Bloggers/photographers appreciation

  1. Grazia says:

    Awesome selection!! She looks so different on every shape 🙂

  2. pxlcreations says:

    yes Grazia, this is the amazing thing, people can wear this skin and look completely different from other people due to the different shape.
    This mean customer can enjoy and create unique look 🙂

    ps: i don’t spent month to hairstyle dollies 😉

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