[PXL] SmartGroup


Thank you for your interest on SmartGroup tool.

The purpose of this script is to allow customers to join a classical Secondlife Group with a single touch.
Customers will receive a special URL in local chat to click that bring directly to the configured group.
The prim can be into a different group while the SmartGroup culd give another group to
join URL (good feature for lands that need a prim group different from the group to join)

/// SmartTexture Features Summary

– Allow your customer to join in easy way your LindenLab Group
– Easy setup
– Free customization fo the Group panel
– Easy configuration Notecard
– Notecard giver option on touch.
– Option to notice by IM the Owner on Customer join request.
– Script are NoMOD / Copy / NoTransfer

/// Revision History

v1.3 (02 sept 2010)
– First public release

The script is created for designers to help end-users to customize the final product.
The script must be used in your own creations and MUST NOT be resold or distrubuited itself.

Hart Larsson
PXL Creations

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