[PXL] Daniel is born…

I’m proud to announce that after many month of work i’ve finally released my new male skin line: Daniel.

The skin line comes with:

  • 5 tones ( Pale, Natural, Sunkissed, LightTan and Dark )
  • Blonde version available in Natural and Pale tones only
  • 7 facial hair options
  • Bonus shaved face with each beard option
  • Bald and hairbase option
  • Body hair option on all layers and tatoo 2.x
  • Emo/eyeliner option on Tatoo layer 2.x
  • Sculpted/Scripted penis with HUD

Male VIP members can gain an extra 10% discount on purchasing.
Custom Fatpack available for each tone so is easy to customize and choose what you desire (40% discount for Fatpack)

Feel free to come to my store and try the demos.

[ Teleport to PXL ]

❤ Hart


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One thought on “[PXL] Daniel is born…

  1. […] skin is the new male release from PXL. His name is Daniel and he’s very pleased to meet you. Here’s a few things about Daniel that you might be […]

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