[PXL] Kasumi released

I’ve released now my new skin generation called Kasumi.

Kasumi is an exotic skin, a mix of japanese and afro/american, that give a special exotic aspect.

Kasumi comes in 4 tones: Natural, Sunkissed, LightTan and Tan.

The skin line using a new way to sell and customize it:

  • there are 16 skin base with different lipsticks colors.
  • Every skin base contain 2 hairbase options plus a bald version, a cleavage option and an hair attachment
  • On tattoo layers there are 16 eyes makeups that you can combine with the skin base (lipstick) you want.

Here the preview of the 16 lipsticks (skin base)

Here the preview of the 16 Eyes makeups available on tattoo layer

To wear the new eyes makeups, you need to use a viewer that support tatoo layers.

The Vendor system used for Kasumi allow customers to create custom FatPacks, saving 20% of the total price.
Vip Members will save an extra 10% joining or activating the PXL Female VIP group tag

This is a preview of the Sunkissed tone vendor.

Feel free to visit my store and try the demos 🙂

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❤ Hart

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One thought on “[PXL] Kasumi released

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