[PXL] Customer feedback

I am still thinking about the Skin makeups development and i’ve created a pool to receive your feedback.

The first option need a viewer 2.x to wear both lisptick and eyemakeups, while the other 2 options need only one tattoo layer and is compatible with latest 3rd party viewers like phoenix.

The first option will create a combination which is less expensive, while the other two options will create a final price more expensive for the lot of work that is needed to create all the embedded combinations (eyebrows colors, cleavage, freckless, hairbases and so on)

I would really appreciate your feedback to take a good direction for the next skin development.

Thank you

❤ Hart

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13 thoughts on “[PXL] Customer feedback

  1. Hello,

    I’ve voted for 1 as I am using viewer 2.X or Kirstens all the time so tatoo layers are not a problem at all for me. I love them.

    Now, If I were on Phoenix, I would pick choice number 3.

    • Leticia Alderton says:

      I vote for the 2 option, because i have problems with the sl viewer 2 (and i know many people have the same).
      The cant see the texture ok, i rebake them many times but nothing, i think its a bug of the viewer.

  2. Callie says:

    with clothes and lip sticks and lashes and eye makeups , hair cap tats.. and reg tats all on the same layer makes it hard to wear all of them even on V2 .. would be nice to have the option for both types personally .. as it stands you cant wear your hair base with eyes and lips and a reg tat and lashes .. i dont belive even on V2 .. I love the skin but not crazy over the make up tats limits what i get to wear at any time ..

  3. SweetDeb Kips says:

    I’m on Phoenix and I agree Tana, Option #3 is the best for my viewer… but I see it’s not the most popular 😦

  4. Sienna Bellios says:

    Phoenix is currently working on the Firestorm viewer which is a Viewer 2 based viewer. My understanding is that before this year ends, LL will make Viewer 1 and all TPV 1 based viewers obsolete and they will no longer work. If that is true, then everybody will have Viewer 2 capabilities because there will be no other option. Personally i’m hanging on to Viewer 1 based viewers till the last second but come the day that i switch…i will want to load up on tat layers.:)

  5. tarina says:

    I like my makeup to be on the skin itself. I do not use v2 and I wont give up my pubic hair (as I am not into bald or landing stripe) and tattoo on my only allowed tattoo layer in my viewer to wear enhanced makeup. I pay ALOT for skins and I want it on them.

    I personally do not use V2 so none of those options are good for me.

    So, I didn’t vote as none of them appeal to me.

  6. pxlcreations says:

    well the first option need only 2 tattoo layers (lips+eyes) to wear a custom makeup. Viewer 2.x suppport 5 tattoo.
    The otehr 2 solution need 1 tattoo only but the work to perpare the mebedded combination is long and need tons of uploads so the overal cost of a fatpack is 5-6 times more expensive

  7. Sarala says:

    Sorry, voting for V2 compliant layers. I, personally, saw no reason to wait until the last second to become familiar with the additions made by V2. Personally I think that a base skin gives more versatility, more than being pretty much strong armed into paying for a fat pack. Tattoo layers means that the buyer can create more unique looks rather than just throwing layers onto of an already make up laden skin.

  8. I did not vote because my main viewer is Imprudence, and I would have to use Kirsten’s Viewer to take advantage of the 5 different tattoo layer options.

    I think until everyone is on V2 viewers, there should be 2 options. First, a base skin, with different tattoo options for both eyes and lips, since I have seen a couple other stores offer this or something similar (so basically option one).

    Then second, you can have a set with all the makeup already on the skin. People who can wear one tattoo layer can still purchase the skin makeup packages separate if they want a certain eye or lip makeup, but don’t want to buy the entire skin line just to get it.

    I wear different lipsticks all the time on top of my skins that have makeup, and it works for me. At least people will know that the makeup layers will match the skin (unlike when you mix and match makeups from other creators).

  9. Ellyn says:

    Phoenix is developing a viewer that will be like the SL viewer in handling multiple tattoo layers. I’m not sure their timeline or yours, but you might contact them and see. Why go to all the work for option 3 when they will have a new viewer in the near future? Not that everyone will want ot move over, though.

  10. I vote on 1 because i am blogger and use wiewer 2…can t wait see the skin:)

  11. xanna ziskey says:

    I completely agree with Sarala re tattoo layers enabling more creativity. But we need a clean slate to start. Where are all the nude bases I expected once viewer2 came out? I want a nude base and I’ll pay more for accompanying make up kits, as few or many as I like in lip/eye combos or alone. So, the short answer is: I prefer option one. (I’m now on Phoenix, great news that Phoenix is working on tat layers, it’s the ONLY thing I miss from V2)

  12. zib says:

    I would love a kick ass base skin with lots of tattoo make up options. Offering the separate makeup components on tattoo layers lets us mix them with other skins we have in the closet as well. And thank you for asking! Was thinking about this very thing earlier today during a photoshoot. Can’t wait to see what you’re cookin’ up! 🙂

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