[ PXL ] KATE new SkinLine


I’ve , after many month of development, released my new skin line called KATE.

Kate is available in 6 skin tones: Pale, Natural, Sunkissed, LightTan, Tan and Dark.

Each tone have a skin base with all options:

  • 3 breast cleavages
  • 3 eyebrows styles
  • Freckles on face and on full body (using an included tattoo layer)
  • 2 different hair stiles on tattoo layer
  • 2 different lips, normal and glossy

In addition to the skin base i’ve done 11 lipstics colors (normal+ gloss in each color pack) and 15 eyes makeups.

This is the preview of the vendor so you can see:

To access the VIP discount, you need to join my PXL VIP group: PXL VIP FEMALE

Vips will receive a 10% discount after every purchase.

Feel free to come & take a closer look…

[ Tp to PXL main store ]

❤ Hart


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6 thoughts on “[ PXL ] KATE new SkinLine

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