Have a little FAITH!

[PXL] is proud to announce their very first Flickr contest!
The event will run from NOW until September 16, 2012.
With the winner announced on September 19, 2012 prior to SL midnight time.

The rules are simple but the prizes are awesome!!!

Prizes first:

1st place winner – 10,000L plus choice of a fatpack. AND that is not all. Your picture will be front and center at PXL store and you will also be picked to do a vendor pic for his next skin release!!

2nd place winner – 2500L plus choice of fatpack

3rd place winner – 1500L plus choice of fatpack

Now on to the rules:

– The theme is – Faith! Faith means a lot of different things for a lot of different people. Show us what faith means to you.
– The skin must be FAITH! The skin must be purchased and not a blogger review copy.
– No Nudity.
– Max 2 picture submission.
– Post processing is perfectly accepted as long as you do not make major changes to the skin, the skin must look untouched
– If you are chosen as a finalist, please be prepared to submit your transaction history.
– You must post the picture on the PXL flickr site ( http://www.flickr.com/groups/pxl_faith_contest/ ) and title it the following:

  • PXL Faith Flikr Contest – Model/Photographer name
  • In the summary section, please write one or two lines explaining your picture.

– Any pictures dropped on Hart Larrson in world will be disqualified.
– Any pictures without the summary section explaining your picture will be disqualified.
– Any picture without your name and correct title will be disqualified.

Simple enough, right? Sounds like fun? Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

[PXL] Team

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One thought on “Have a little FAITH!

  1. […] Finally, I’m wearing the PXL Faith skin in Olive in this post, my favorite tone I must say! PXL is holding a contest for the new faith skin and the prizes look really incredible. Check out all the details on the PXL blog. […]

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