[PXL] Halloween Gacha!

We promised more Gacha didn’t we? Well guess what! We are about to get you all set up for Halloween!

Eight female Halloween skins that range from sweet to downright spooky!
This time the skin is based on Kate and she has those luscious lips everyone seems to ask for!
One of the skins even has a really cool set of mesh eyes!

Just like last time, each skin is 99L, there will be two rares just like before.

The tent is still set up in the store with the other two Gacha’s and on Wednesday 3 around noon, you can tp in and try your luck with the Halloween skins!

Again, I truly hope you enjoy the skins as much as I enjoyed making each one!

Tp to PXL main store ]

Hart Larsson


4 thoughts on “[PXL] Halloween Gacha!

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