[PXL] Exclusive Skin @ VIP room

She’s here! PXL VIP gift was just released in the VIP room and she is a beauty. The skin is based on the latest line, Faith, and with her subtle two tone kissable lips and glittery eyeshadow she is a must have.

To own her, you must join the PXL Creations Female VIP Group for a one time fee of 250L within the next few hours. In just a short while, the group will be closing to make sure the most loyal of members receive the special gift.

Joining the group entitles you to frequent free gifts, special discounts and also you are always given the opportunity to purchase new skin lines before anyone else! Not a bad deal, right!?

To join the VIP group, copy and paste the following line on you local chat and press enter, then click the obtained link to reach the PXL female VIP group and pay the one time fee to Join.

In case you use Official LL or Firestorm click the following link:
[ PXL Female VIP group ]

There are a lot of exciting changes coming to PXL so you don’t want to miss out by not being a VIP where you hear the latest news first!

Tp to PXL main store ]

Thank you,

Hart Larsson


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  1. […] more details here about  joining the VIP […]

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