New [PXL] Body Enhancements : Tone Burners!

[PXL] Body enhancements : Tone Burning

We just added a revolutionary new feature to our Body Enhancements collection! They are called, “TONE BURNERS“. Tone Burners are full body tattoo layers, which allow one to change their whole skin tone or just smooth out their existing tone. They were developed so they would not interfere with the skin’s make-ups and to maintain their existing level of detail/shading. They work with all skins present in Second Life®.

There are four options you can choose from:

  •  Tone Smoother/ Lightener – Makes the skin smoother and a little lighter.
  •  Tone Burner – Olive Tone  – Transforms any light/medium skin tone into a more olive colored skin tone.
  •  Tone Burner – Sunkissing –  Gives any light/medium skin tone a bit of a sun kissed skin tone.
  •  Tone Burner – Reddish  –  This adds a red tone to the skin, which is very useful for skins that have a desaturated tone. It makes the skin look more natural and vibrant.

This is definitely one new item you must check-out! TP over NOW and try on some demos,  in order see how they optimize your skin!

We look forward to seeing you soon at [PXL Creations]

Tp to PXL main store ]


Hart Larsson

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