[PXL] Kate vintage @C88


Collabor88’s 2nd Birthday round has already started and there are so many incredible creations to be found here. After all, this cycle’s theme is inspired by the roaring 20s! Think of sleek art deco designs, chic flappers, Speakeasies and The Great Gatsby! C88 is partying in extravagant Gatsby style. The theme’s name is “Razzle Dazzle” and the color palette for this cycle is different for men (“razzle”) and women (“dazzle”). The ‘dazzle’ color palette is composed of the following shades: taupe, apricot, peachy-pink, red and plum.

So, here is a rather short summary of what I’m contributing to Collabor88’s 2nd Birthday event.
I’ve basically created a hybrid of my Kate skin, in order to giver her a traditional 1920’s vintage party look, which brings to life the make-up and drama of that era.
Each of the 4 skins that I have created, possess classic 20’s style make-ups. Each make-up comes with 2 eyebrow tattoo styles (one is modern and one has a typical 20’s style brow). Please take a look at the above picture to see “vintage” Kate in full 1920’s make-up (including her brows).

I have also created a new skin tone quite obviously called, “vintage”!  I made new Slink hand and feet appliers to match it,  which can be purchased at Collabor88 too!

I decided to offer a few different skin packages at Collabor88. You can buy everything separately – The Kate Vintage skins and/or the appliers. You can also buy a fatpack of all 4 skins with the appliers included (for a nice reduced price). If you do not want appliers, I am also offering a fatpack of just the 4 Kate Vintage skins at a reduced price too.

If you are interested in checking-out my regular Kate skin line, she is available at the PXL Mainstore.

Since this special vintage edition of Kate is a C88 exclusive, it can only be found at this month’s Collabor88. So, please TP over to the Collabor88 SIM (The event just started, so the SIM will either be completely full or very crowded for the first few days! Please be patient.).
For more info about C88, please go here:  http://www.collabor88.com

❤ Hart

[ Tp to Collabor88 ]

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