PXL Appliers for PHAT AZZ

[PXL] Phat Azz appliers

PXL has appliers for the Phat Azz mesh butt now!

Our Phat Azz applier HUD has been created to work with Luck Inc’s Phat Azz mesh butt. The Phat Azz mesh butt is NOT included! You can purchase Phat Azz  here:  

[TP to LUCK Inc.]

We have both single tone applier HUDs and a fatpack applier HUDs (includes all skin tones for the following current skins: Linda g3KASUMI, GAIA, KATE, FAITH, SOPHIA and JADE)
Carefully read the following information before purchasing our Phat Azz Applier’s since we do NOT offer a demo and will not offer a refund!
– These appliers will only work with the Phat Azz mesh butt! They will NOT work with other mesh avatar enhancers (i.e., mesh feet, mesh hands, mesh breasts, etc…)
– These appliers will only match the following current PXL skins: Linda g3, KASUMI, GAIA, KATE, FAITH, SOPHIA and JADE
– The appliers will not work other creator’s skins!
– Make sure you purchase the applier HUD that matches the PXL skin tone that you wear!

Tp to PXL main store ]

Looking Forward To Seeing You Soon,


PXL Management

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