PXL’s Limited Edition MIA for MIAMAI’s Black Label Fashion Series of Events!

[PXL]MIA Black Label

The creatives of MIAMAI have gathered together for the fourth year of their triumphant Black Label Series of Fashion Events. PXL will be participating in this special event by releasing a Limited Edition series of our upcoming MIA skin line  for this awe inspiring 4 part fashion show. After the shows are over, this exclusive edition of MIA will be available for sale at the Black Label event venue and in the PXL Mainstore too. MIA Black Label Edition is comes in stunning make-ups and is available in 3 skin tones (PALE, NATURAL and SUNKISSED).

When does this event start? Today – December 7th 2013

1st public show: 1.15 pm – 2.15 pm SLT
2nd public show: 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm SLT

Every attendant will be required to wear a mandatory outfit that will be provided upon reaching the event location.

Due to the nature of the event, the spots on the sim for each show are very limited ; however, we are providing different means to follow the show for those who can’t get in:
. Livestream, to follow the event starting from 12pm SLT
. Live blogging on Plurk:


. Live blogging on Facebook:


After the event, the venue will be open to the visitors for a month, in order to look around shop!

[Tp to MIAMAI Black Label Eevent]

Where can I buy MIA Black Label Edition ? You can purchase MIA Black Label Edition at event venue and in the PXL Mainstore

For more information regarding Black Label Series of Fashion Events please go here: http://miamaisl.wordpress.com/

We look forward to seeing you soon…

Tp to PXL main store ]


PXL Management

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