[PXL] at Uber’s ’50 Shades of Sexy!’

This screen capture was created and uploaded with Grabilla:

We at [PXL] are happy to announce that we are participating in the latest round of Uber! Uber is the latest themed event from the team of Truth Hawks, Kaelyn Alecto and Mavi Back! Each month has a new, exciting and uber creative theme, which features creations from SL’s top designers at fair prices – for both the consumer and designer.
The theme of this new round is ’50 Shades of Sexy’! For this theme, we created 4 new sultry and sexy make-ups of our latest MIA skin, which are available in our Natural, Sunkissed, Olive and Pale tones!
Each skin includes the flowing options:

– Bare Lip (Embeeded into skin)
– 4 additional lipstick colors (on tattoo)
– 6 brow color options (on tattoo)
– 3 freckle shades – light, med, and dark (on tattoo)
– 3 moles – light, med, and dark (on tattoo)
– Cleavage options (on many layers)
– Nail Eraser (glove layer)

Uber’s ’50 Shades of Sexy’ is running from Sept 30th – Oct 25th. We look forward to seeing you there!

[TP to Uber]


[PXL Management]

Tp to PXL main store ]


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