♥ SweetLips… coming soon

I had the idea to improve my OpenMouthPro teeth many times in the past but for many reason, excessive cost of a good 3D tool and my Blender fights on the interface, i was waiting for many years, since… today.

I’m glad to introduce you my new lips system called SweetLips.

It comes with embedded nice teeth, 3 piercing positions, skin base and lipstick texture tintable/texturable separately, a HUD full of options and with 18 preset shades of skins (i hope to have made a good range to help people to match as much skin around even without appliers),
I’ve not released yet for many reason:

  • working on manuals
  • testing the auto update features
  • fix some hud layout
  • prepare all info for designers kit
  • lazyness … lol

Anyway i will release the product this week for sure (promise).
In the while if you are a skin designer or/and a make-up artist and want to try the new system before the official release, so you can create some appliers for it, feel free to contact me in world, notecard is preferred cause i’m capped all the time 🙂

If you are curious to know more about the system i’ve already published a mini support page to take a look: SUPPORT SITE

Sorry for all the typo, I’m the typo master 🙂

♥  Hart

2 thoughts on “♥ SweetLips… coming soon

  1. […] a big fat “NO”, but guys, I’ve changed my mind courtesy of this new release from PXL, called ‘Sweet Lips’. I’d observed a couple of Plurk buddies wax lyrical about the virtues of these newly released […]

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