[PXL] Support Ticketing System Announcement

PXL Support Ticket Center

PXL Support Ticket Center
Available Online and in the PXL Main Store

In an effort to better serve all of our customers, we are implementing a new support ticketing system. Our new online system allows us to organize, track, and manage support requests.

To use the support system, please visit the support website at PXL Support Center

Click the button that says Open New Ticket

Enter your SL Username and a valid email address

Select a Help Topic from the drop down list. Topics listed are: double purchase, failed transaction, inventory lost/redelivery, script support, and other. Please select the topic that best describes your support request.

Enter a subject and detailed message about your issue. Please include transaction history if you are inquiring about transactions, lost items, or redelivery.

Complete the Captcha text and click the Submit Ticket button.

Your ticket will be assigned to the appropriate person and you will receive a confirmation email.

If you need to add additional information, do not open a new ticket. Login at PXL Support Center and update the ticket. You may check the status of a ticket at any time.

At PXL Creations we remain committed to providing you with excellent support.

♥  Hart
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