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[PXL] Aeryn at SkinFair 2015

PXL Creations is proud to introduce our newest skin, Aeryn, at the 2015 Skin Fair. Aeryn is available in Pale, Natural, Sunkissed, and Olive.

Each skin contains:
3 Eyebrows shading (embedded on the skin)
1 tintable eyebrows (tattoo)
NoBrows options (skin)
Freckles (3 shading on Tattoo)
Moles (on Tattoo)
Nail remover (glove)
System Lasher remover (Alpha mask)

Aeryn is available in 4 Lipsticks colors (embedded on the skin) or as a pack in each of the 4 skin tones.

We also have the following appliers available for purchase:

SweetLips Appliers (HUD)
Slink Appliers (Body+hands+feet) (HUD)
Maitreya Appliers (Body+hands+feet) (HUD)
Belleza Appliers (Body+hands+feet) (HUD)

Our location at the skin fair is:

We look forward to seeing you!


PXL Aeryn Pale Makeups 1,2,3,4

PXL Aeryn Pale
Makeups 1,2,3,4

PXL Aeryn Natural Makeups 1,2,3,4

PXL Aeryn Natural
Makeups 1,2,3,4

PXL Aeryn Sunkissed Makeups 1,2,3,4

PXL Aeryn Sunkissed
Makeups 1,2,3,4

PXL Aeryn Olive Makeups 1,2,3,4

PXL Aeryn Olive
Makeups 1,2,3,4

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[PXL] Support Ticketing System Announcement

PXL Support Ticket Center

PXL Support Ticket Center
Available Online and in the PXL Main Store

In an effort to better serve all of our customers, we are implementing a new support ticketing system. Our new online system allows us to organize, track, and manage support requests.

To use the support system, please visit the support website at PXL Support Center

Click the button that says Open New Ticket

Enter your SL Username and a valid email address

Select a Help Topic from the drop down list. Topics listed are: double purchase, failed transaction, inventory lost/redelivery, script support, and other. Please select the topic that best describes your support request.

Enter a subject and detailed message about your issue. Please include transaction history if you are inquiring about transactions, lost items, or redelivery.

Complete the Captcha text and click the Submit Ticket button.

Your ticket will be assigned to the appropriate person and you will receive a confirmation email.

If you need to add additional information, do not open a new ticket. Login at PXL Support Center and update the ticket. You may check the status of a ticket at any time.

At PXL Creations we remain committed to providing you with excellent support.

♥  Hart
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[PXL] at We Love Role Play!

This screen capture was created and uploaded with Grabilla:

Hello Everyone!

We are excited to let you know that we are participating in the latest round of We ❤ RP! For this wintry round, we created an enchanting edition of our latest MIA skin. There are 3 stunning fantasy skin make-ups, which come in a choice of 3 skin tones – PINK, PALE and BLUE! We also included 7 brow options (on tattoo layer) that include the following colors: pink, blue, white, dark, blond, red and no brow.

We ❤ RP is running from Dec 4th – Dec 31st. We look forward to seeing you there!

[TP to We ❤ RP]

[PXL Management]

Tp to PXL main store ]

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[ PXL ] OpenMouth PRO Expansion Pack: Piercing

The Expansion HUD for OpenMouth PRO BASIC was created for people who wish to display only the top row of their prim teeth for a more “open mouthed” appearance.
The HUD has 10 different types of teeth to suit your needs, which include:
– A free tongue version
– A classical steel ball piercing
– Carius colors (Red, Pink, Blue, Black, Green)
– A Heart diamond shape piercing
– A LickMe Steel piercing
– A PlayBoy piercing

PLEASE REMEMBER: If you wish to the apply this Expansion HUD to your prim teeth, YOU MUST PURCHASE BASIC PACK (ie, theOpenMouth Pro) FIRST!…

I provided an UPDATER tool with this product.
Please rez it on the floor and click it once (only one click is needed)
You will receive the latest version of the product available for free.

Please visit my store for demo the product.

on Marketplace: MarketPlace URL
@ PXL Store: SLURL

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[PXL] MIA … coming soon

We are really excited about this upcoming release.  Please stay tuned for full release details!

We look forward to seeing you soon…

Tp to PXL main store ]


PXL Management

NEW Halloween Skin fo [PXL] VIP Group Members!

We are really excited to announce that we have a new Halloween gift for PXL VIP Group Members!

In order to receive get your VIP Group skin (if you are already a PXL VIP Group member), please visit our Main Store and use the VIP teleport to take you the VIP room. You should find the VIP Gift panel on the wall. When you do, just click the Gift panel.

If you are not already a female VIP member, simply click the link below and follow the directions. You need to pay the one time fee of 250L and you are in the group!
Group membership allows you to use the VIP room teleport, as well as receive the following VIP group benefits: 10% extra discount on any purchase (where applicable), access to special release for limited time and also exclusive VIP sales.

We look forward to seeing you soon…

Tp to PXL main store ]


PXL Management

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Who is Squinternet Larnia?

This was a picture i took with Squinternet Larnia for one of ther funny dress, was september 2010.
I know Squinternet since end of 2009 when i moved my store to my actual location @ Cindel.
She went to demo my skins and start to buy many of them in pale tone. So i noticed that and i teleport inside the store to speak with her.
Was funny, she was so full of energy, ideas, and we spoke of sculpt, texturing, style and many other things.
Since that day i hosted some of her amazing jewelry in my store.
I helped her many times texturng her sculpty, or making custom scripts for her jewerly. Thanks to her i made my tools SmartTexture and SmartHUD that are very liked by many designers.
I consider Squinternet one of the best friends i’ve meet on SL.
And everyone know how is rare to find someone that is always honest even if their words could make you sad, but i prefer the truth .. always, because to a bad news… if is true you can have the strenght to fight… to a lie there is no solution.
When in end of 2011 she told me she had a problem, i felt destroyed, i try to find any solution to her case… try to push her to move to another location where hospitals are better.
I’m lucky she is so strong even if she never asked any help to friends.
All great person, smart, intelligent and creative, always are alone when problems comes, because great people usually help others, and never ask help.
So when Cajsa told me she want to organize a fundraiser to help her to move to a better place to follow new kind of cures in a great Hospital, i said: “tell me what i can do”.
I worked hard for 1 week with other people to move her store into a new fresh location, other people organized the event, create the blog and everything.
Is really great when people really care what power we could have all together.

If you want to partecipate or just be curious to know who is Squinternet Larnia, and want to know why many loves her, please read this blog:

Donna flora official blog

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[PXL] New Slink hands texture appliers v2.0


I’ve just released the v2.0 skin appliers for Slink Avatar enhancement hand. The new version is more detailed and I’ve reworked them on a 3D paint to give more details without being too much real and be seamless with all PXL skin textures(*)

To receive the v2.0, if you have purchased the v1.0 before, please visit my vendor in my store, left-click the PAY-Panel prim and select redelivery from the dialog menu to receive the new version.

(*) Appliers are compatible with my recent skin tones only, please look inside the INFOs on the vendor.


Tp to PXL main store ]


Hart Larsson


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[PXL] Jade skin pre-release @ Collabor 88

I am excited to announce that I am guest designer for this month’s Collabor88.
For this occasion, I’ve created a new unreleased akin, called Jade. She come sin 4 beautiful makeups that are inspired by April’s color theme (Kitsch).
Because C88  is a very special event for me, I decided to price my skin preview at very low price  🙂

Please visit Collabor88 following this SLURL: C88 landMark

With love
❤ Hart

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[PXL] Slink Hands Skin applier

We have developed 8 different applier tones, which match all our recent skins, and are compatible with the Slink Mesh Hands Avatar Enhancement System.
You simply match your favorite PXL skin tone by pressing our applier HUD.
At the touch of the HUD the skin is matched perfectly to your favorite PXL skin tone in a matter of seconds.

Please remember though, this is only works for the HUD that matches the skin tone you are wearing.
It will not work on any other skins or any other PXL skin tones.

Tp to PXL main store ]


Hart Larsson

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