• All products by [PXL Creations] are to be used ONLY within the boundaries of SecondLife™.
  • Items marked “modifiable” may only be modified WITHIN the boundaries of SecondLife™ using the appearance tool.
  • Contents may not be redistributed in whole or in part.
  • The buyer may not use third party software to extract the original texture files.
  • The buyer may not store the product on a network or on the internet where it may be referenced by a third party.
  • The buyer may not modify the texture in any way or create any derivated work using part of the texture.
  • Purchasing a product does not make the purchaser the owner of the texture files that constitute the product itself. The texture files remain the property of Hart Larsson.
  • In buying our products you agree to the terms stated above. [PXL Creations] will enforce this user agreement to the fullest possible extent.

[ PXL creations ] products are created and managed only by Hart Larsson (creator and owner of PXL Creations). Do not fall for scammers who claim they will offer you the same skin for a discount price. If you are offered a pirated skin, please file an abuse report with Linden Labs immediately to support real SecondLife™ designers.

These rules are subject to change.

Thank you
[PXL Creations]

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