Corrupted Textures

Some people who I have spoken to have experienced problems with their skins and clothing because of the introduction of the latest viewer.

I will try to share my some of my experiences with you, so you can learn how to solve some of these common problems.


Some of the PXL skins, female and male, may be tintable.  This means that the texture has an alpha channel and is quite transparent.
This allows you to change the tone of the skin in Appearance.  However, this means that you may experience some problems if you wear a poorly constructed “bald base” with the skin. Such problems include:

1) shadowing over the eyebrows
2) a strange face color
3) strange color under the eyebrows
4) skin tone of the face being different tone to the rest of the body

Please note that you will not experience these problems if you use the full perm bald base, which is included with the purchase of each PXL Creations skin.  Each PXL Creations bald base controls the features of the eyebrows and the hairs (both color and size).

Please use the PXL Creations bald base included with your skin purchase in order to avoid the aforementioned problems.


Some computers with a particular video card have problems managing paletized textures. This means that you may experience some problems viewing items of clothing or skin. You can fix this problem by undertaking the following steps:

* Press once only: CTRL+ALT+F7 or go to Menu Advanced > Rendering > Features and disable the Paletized Texture option.
* Then press CTRL+ALT+R to rebake.

If this does not resolve your issue, please clean your cache. To clean your cache, press CTRL+P.  Then select the Network tab and press the blue Clear Cache button.

I hope this information has been of some use to you.

Please note, if you have a NVIDIA notecard with the latest driver you may experience some problems.  Check the following link for further information:

For other information, I suggest you take a look to the support page:

Kind regards,

Hart Larsson

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