RGB Skin Values

The introduction of shoes with prim/mesh feet,  has led many customers to ask me what the RGB values of their skins are.  The following section outlines two simple methods for finding the correct RGB values of your skins:

Solution nr.1 

1) Enable the Advanced Menu by pressing Ctrl+Alt+D
2) Go to the UI menu
3) Select “Show Color Under Cursor”

You will then see 4 numbers on the bottom right corner of your client viewer.  For example,  200 209 204 0

These numbers correspond to the RED GREEN BLUE values  (ignore the final zero).

Solution nr.2

Using an external tool such as Color-Cop

1) Install Color-Cop
2) Open your SL viewer and look at your feet.
3) Launch Color-Cop
4) Click the color picking icon in Color-Cop and, without releasing the left mouse button, drag it on to the sl client viewer and capture the color.

You can also use the lens icon to zoom into the skin detail and click the color in the zoom window to capture the color.

*REMEMBER : Try to use a neutral Windlight setting that does not cast shadows before selecting the color. Ana Lutetia has created some great Windlight presets, which are available from this site: http://www.box.net/shared/hrukcdgivf

I hope this information has been useful to you.

Hart Larsson

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