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:: Refunds

All skins at Pxl Creations are non transferable. Before buying, please try on a demo which is available for all skins, to ensure you like the skin. Once bought, there will be no refunds.

The only case in which you can apply for a refund is when, due to lag or other system related issues, you purchase the same skin twice one right after the other. In that case submit a notecard to Hart Larsson with in the subject rule “double purchased” and your full avatar name. In the note you copy/paste the 2 transactions from your transaction history containing the transaction number and details for verification. You will need to submit the request within 2 weeks after having purchased the skin. In this case Hart will  more than willing to refund you.

PXL Creations does not make use of resellers. Buy your PXL skin in a PXL Creation shop only and buy them out of the vendors. If you are approached by people to buy PXL Creations from them, please do not accept and inform Hart Larsson about this person’s name.


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