Men’s skins


The skin line comes with:

  • 5 tones ( Pale, Natural, Sunkissed, LightTan and Dark )
  • Blonde version available in Natural and Pale tones only
  • 7 facial hair options
  • Bonus shaved face with each beard option
  • Bald and hairbase option
  • Body hair option on all layers and tatoo 2.x
  • Emo/eyeliner option on Tatoo layer 2.x
  • Sculpted/Scripted penis with HUD

Like other tones/hair colors the Red hair version comes with:

  • nr.7 beard options
  • each beard option contains a free shaved face skin bonus
  • bald and hairbase
  • full body Freckles tattoo
  • Emo/eyeliner on tattoo layer
  • Sculpted penis with HUD


July 7 2009

Lucas skin line comes in 4 tones: Natural, Sunkissed, LightTan and Dark.
Lucas has 9 beard options and each one has eyeliner and painted head hair option.
The body comes with and without hair for a combination of 8 skins each beard pack.

Lucas is selled in a single face ( 9 skins) and a fatpack (72 Skins).


March 15 2009,

Jude Skin line comes in 5 tones: Winter, Spring, Autumn, Summer and Dark.
Each tone have 8 facial hairs with 5 body hair option and 3 head hair option for a total of 15 combination for each skin pack.
The skin is very detailed and every part is defined to gain the best from every SL shapes.
During the skin build process i’ve tried to make the skin more flexible as possible, to avoid to kill the shape work.
I’ve released also 3 mini packs with 2 facial hairs in each one for a total of 30 Skins.


Adam Tan V6

Adam has it all going for him . With his natural charm and his distinct looks he is the charmer, the best friend, the latin lover, the provider, the boss and the sexiest man on earth. He is smart and blends into every environment, making the best out of every situation.

At this time Adam is the only male skin at Pxl Creations. It is the 6th generation though, carefully developed with the help and feed back of our customers. Next to 14 different facial hairs and looks, the 6th generation of Adam has a no body hair version AND  a set of skins with 4 different versions of body hair (next release soon) which are on the skin, so no clothing layers are being used to achieve the level of hairiness that you want. Like all skins at Pxl Creations, Adam is modifiable and comes in 3 skin tones to begin with.

April 2008 UPDATE: We have added a very dark tan to the Adam skin line.


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